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Topic Selector

This tool allows the instructor to create a number of topics that students can then select.


This tool allows you to track as students access and watch a YouTube video. You can track both student launches and viewing behavior within the video. You can assign grades to students for watching the video or based on how much of the video they have watched.

Peer-Graded Dropbox

This tool provides a structured dropbox that can take images, URLs, text and code. These tools can be peer-graded, instructor graded, or a blend of peer and instructor graded assignments.

Grade View

This tool allows both the students and instructors to view their grades for a course across all the LTI tools on this server. This tool also provides simple grade review and maintenance tools for instructors.

Course Map

This provides a simple Google map for a course where participants can indicate their location and control how much information they release to those viewing the map.

External Tool (LTI)

Launch another Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tool. Supports grade-passback and in-tool analytics.


Threaded Discussion

This is a threaded discussion tool that can be used through LTI. Multi-level discussions are supported with instructor-controlled hierarchy depth. The instructor can pin, hide, or lock, threads. The tool can be set up to award grades for students when they post a comment on a thread. The tool can be placed many times in a course and each of the placements has its own set of threads and comments. Anonymous students can view the discussions but cannot post to threads. The tool provides usage analytics.


Classic breakout game launched via LTI.

Pre/Post Reflection

This tool allows an instructor to create a question for a student to answer before and after an activity.


A Simple Real-Time Chat Tool

Simple Attendance Tool

This is a simple attendance tool that allows the instructor to set a code and the students enter the code.


Create flashcard sets that include text, images, MP3s, or videos that your students can use to study important material in your course sites. They are fun and work great on a browser or mobile device.

Random Pictures

This tool shows random photos of cats and other things from You can view analytics within this tool. To be frank, what is a better use of the Internet than cat pictures combined with analytics?


Photo Gallery

A simple photo gallery tool that allows everyone in a course to upload images to a shared gallery.

Document Annotator

A tool to write and turn in a document / paper using a browser editor(CKEditor 5.0), and allow private interactions around the documents including shared annotation and grading.

Sticky Grader

A tool to turn in a PDF file and allow it to be annotated with sticky notes and graded.

Interactive Video

Create video quizzes where questions pop-up during the video at specified times. Available question types include multiple choice, short answer, info card, and multiple choice survey.


This tool allows you to choose a link to a web page and allows you to view analytics about the use of the web page from your course. You can also trigger a grade to be sent to the learning system when the tool is launched.

Quick Write

A simple tool to prompt users to respond to short answer questions.


This tool provides a quiz engine that supports the GIFT format. GIFT is a line-oriented plain text question format that is simple to understand and easily edited by hand or even stored in a repository like github. The quizzes can be exported into QTI 1.2 format for import into other systems.